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Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher Technology has changed the entire world and with innovations in technology, we have hundreds of amazing smartphones available from various brands. If we talk about the mobile platforms, Lucky Patcher iOS and Android are the most popular platforms having hundreds of smartphones. We all are familiar with different types of apps and games which are essential for our smartphones. Millions of apps are available for both, Android and iOS platforms. Many apps come with free and premium versions. The free versions do not come with premium features. The developers restrict the features for premium users only. To unlock the premium features on such apps, there’s an app called, Luck Patcher available for iOS & Android platform.

What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is an amazing app that gives you full control over the free apps which carry premium features for the premium users. With this app cum tool, you can actually patch the existing apps and games so we can get the in-app purchases for the apps and games for free.

The Patch allows you to manipulate the system files of the apps and games of Android and iOS platforms to access premium features. You can easily convert the paid app features from the device to premium features using this patch app.

Lucky Patcher comes loaded with hundreds of amazing features that let you take full control of the premium apps and their features I.e. in-apps features. On the other hand, the app also blocks down annoying advertisements from free apps. If you use an app that shows annoying ads, you can quickly remove the ads from your favorite apps.

Additionally, this tool modifies the app permissions, bypass the application licenses, remove unwanted system apps. Apart from this, this tool also backup and restore your files to the SD card. You can clean up the system memory and still keep the apps and games stored on your SD card. This tool is all-in one tool which is there to fix your apps and games related needs easily. The app serves easy to use interface which makes it more efficient.

If you are eager to know more about this tool, here we have compiled a list of all the useful features of this app. Just follow the list and know more about this application.

Features of Lucky Patcher for Android 

  • Lightweight app serves the decent user interface
  • Free to use doesn’t ask you to pay for it
  • Quickly removes annoying ads from the premium apps and games
  • Make use of custom patches as per your requirements
  • Easily backup and restore the apps
  • Removes unwanted system apps from the device
  • Change the apps permissions and the license verifications
  • Get in-app purchases for free
  • Quickly moves system apps to SD card
  • Converts simple apps to system apps

These are all the useful features available in this very useful tool called, Lucky Patcher. The tool is available for free for both, Android and iOS platforms and you can easily find out the right source to get it installed on a respective smartphone.

If we talk about the other features, this app analyze all the apps and games which you have downloaded and will send you the notification of the apps and games which contain annoying ads.

The tool also allows you to customize the launcher of the device, you can simply add or remove the apps and widgets etc from this app. This tool helps you to remove or uninstall the system apps from the device. If your device is low in space, just uninstall the system apps and make some space using this tool. When you get your space back, you can re-install these apps back to your device.

Lucky Patcher Information  

App Name Lucky Patcher
Developer ChelpuS
Latest updated version 7.2.3
File Size 7.74 MB
OS Requirement Android 2.3+ and iOS 7.0+
Release Date April 9, 2018
Price Free


Initially, Lucky Patcher app was released for the Android platform only. However, recently, many developers have found the same app for iOS devices as well. If you’ve been using an iOS device, you can find out this app from the web. Just make a proper search for this tool and you will get an appropriate tool for your iOS device as well.

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For Android users, we have prepared a step by step tutorial which lets you install this tool on your Android smartphone. The following steps will help you out installing this tool on your Android device instantly.

How to Install Lucky Patcher on Android?  

Step 1:  

Download Lucky Patcher Installer for your Android device first. You can download the Installer file of this tool from the following link. You will have to permit yourself to visit the website. You will see a warning, just ignore it and move ahead. Download the APK file of this tool from there.

Download Lucky Patcher for Android

Step 2:  

If the file is downloaded in .zip format, extract it and you will get an APK file of the same app.

Step 3:  

Now, go to the Settings app from the Apps menu of your Android device and enable Unknown Sources option from there. This option lets you install third-party applications to your device.

Step 4:  

Go to the File Manager app and select the Search option. Type in Lucky Patcher and you would see an APK file of this app there.

Step 5:  

Double click on to the file and select the Install button when asked. Wait for a few seconds, and the APK file of the Lucky Patcher app will be installed.

That’s all you have to do to install the Lucky Patcher app on your device. You can launch the app by selecting the Open button or you can go to the Apps menu and tap on the icon of this app. The app will be launched and you will be able to access it on your device.

Lucky Patcher is an illegal application which is why the Google Play Store will send you warning messages asking you to uninstall the app. You can ignore this message and continue using it.

Lucky Patcher
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