M3U Player: IPTV APK Download For Free | Best IPTV Players for Android

IPTV APK Download For Free

Television is one of the most important parts of our daily lives. But its quite hectic to sit in front of idiot box for hours to watch your favorite shows. Well, IPTV does the work for you! Now you can watch Television online without any satellite or cable TV connection. All you need is an IPTV player on your android phone or PC to watch television on your phone.

When we come across online streaming, there are many things that are streamed online, IPTVs is one of them. Soon there is about to come a time when everything will be available on our smartphones and available for free. IPTVs has already set an example for the same. People generally don’t care about the ownership of content but they do care about the access to content. This is where we need IPTV.

Best IPTV Players for Android That You can Download for Free!

There are many IPTV players available online which offer high speed and stability. Currently, many IPTV sources are emerging as many areas are still adopting this technology. Today we have compiled a list of best IPTV players for android that you can download for free.

#1 Wiseplay

Wiseplay is the best IPTVs player available for Android iOS and PC for free. It supports almost all video formats and plays lists. The user interface is also really easy to play local videos. You can also play any video hosted on the remote server.

#2 Perfect Player

Another awesome application available for LINUX and Android devices. Perfect Player has a Set-top box style user interface. Also, you can watch any video on your PC, TV, Tablets and Smartphones.

#3 IPTV Player

IPTV player allows you to watch IPTV for free using your internet service provider. You can watch your favorite TV channel from other sources on the net. If you watch TV on your laptop using VLC then this app is for you.

#4 Simple TV

Simple TV is also a good android app to watch IPTV on your pc. It also supports Torrent TV technology. You can also enjoy listening to the radio on the same application.

#5 VLC Media Player

VLC is also one of the best IPTV and media players, You can play Live TV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and more formats without any additional codecs, and various streaming formats and protocols.

#6 OTT Player

OTT player is an all in one IPTV player app. You can also create your custom playlists and it supports iOS, Android, Windows, and Samsung Smart Tv.

#7 Lazy IPTV

Lazy IPTV allows you to view TV as if you are watching it on your actual Television screen. You won’t get any built-in playlist with this app. But still, it is really comfortable to watch TV on this app. You can import playlist m3u or xspf formats.  


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