Fire Emblem Heroes Latest APK Download 2.3.0 For Android

Fire Emblem Heroes

Your wait is finally over because Fire Emblem Heroes is out on android for free download. Fire Emblem heroes is a tactical role-playing game developed by Nintendo Intelligent Systems. After the great success of Super Mario Run Nintendo is looking for great success of Fire Emblem Heroes too. It is one of the most downloaded games on google play store these days. The game has a long gameplay story along with awesome simulation. Though the game is freely available to download on play store for all android users, But there are many in-app purchases available in the game. You can download Fire Emblem Heroes APK to include all in-app purchases for free.

The game can be played easily on all Touchscreen android devices or the one that supports on-the-go gaming. The game revolves around a very old fiction story having two kingdoms, Emblian empire, and Askaran kingdom. We have the power in the game to call legendary heroes. There are unique qualities of each hero and you can use them accordingly to win your battles. The main objective of the game is to defend the kingdom of tasks and play endless battles to win.

Fire Emblem Heroes Gameplay

Fire Emblem is a typical role-playing game. The player can control up to 4 heroes against the enemy. Different Fighting units have their different abilities and restrictions. A person with heavy armor will always move slow and will have a shorter range of attack. There are flying units too that can fly over anything and make their way. These Flying units are faster but do less damage on attack. Game alternates between every attack or a ¬†player phase and enemy phase after every turn. During the time of player’s phase, his characters can easily attack enemy units when they are in range. If both attacker and defender are in the same range, the defender will attack too to defend if still alive.

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There is no scope of randomness or luck in these battles, a fight between any two characters is perfectly determinable. As the enemy is given artificial intelligence so the win or loses completely depends on your capabilities and gaming skills.

Fire Emblem Heroes Game Review

For those readers who don’t already know what the game is, kindly read the full review of Fire Emblem Heroes review. Fire Emblem Heroes game is a Role Playing Game in which you can play a character of your choice. You need to solve the mission you are given. Obviously, you need to make your own strategy to win the game. When it comes to the graphic design, The game is similar to Nintendo 3DS. The game has some well designed improved 3D graphic as compared to Nintendo DS. Therefore other than Gameplay and story, Graphics is another plus point of the game.

As the whole, The game is not at all bad, thanks to the reviews. Yet the game does have its own flaws in game design and interface which compromise its good quality. However, it simply does not mean at all, that the game is not worth playing and a waste of time. It only has some little flaws but everything else is perfectly fine. You will not get disappointed at all since it has several good qualities.


  • Quality of Graphics is amazing
  • Various options to select capabilities and weapons


  • Too many Game levels (some of them might bore you)
  • The design is not so good, But also it is not so bad too.

Download Fire Emblem Heroes APK For free

These features are really so fascinating that can even excite a non-Gamer to just get up and download Fire Emblem Heroes. You can start playing the game as soon as the downloading and installation process is complete. which brings me to how to download apk of Fire Emblem Heroes.

Here are some of the steps you can follow to download Fire Emblem Game and bring some thrill in your boring life.

  1. In the very First step, you need to download Fire Emblem Heroes APK from the link Given Below.
  2. Then navigate to your phone SETTING>SECURITY.
  3. In SECURITY options, check the box for the unknown sources for installing Fire Emblem.
  4. After downloading the game, you need to install it. To install, You need to turn off your internet connection while installing the game.
  5. After completing the above process, you can Fire Emblem Heroes game without any errors.

Though the game is available to download on play store, But still you can download Fire Emblem heroes APK from the download link given.

Fire Emblem Heroes
  • Fire Emblem Heroes APK


We wrote a detail review about the Fire Emblem Heroes


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